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13 years of experience

About Matthew Carroll

Matthew Carroll lives his life by a simple word, diversify. To make or become more diverse or varied. He applies this to training, business and personal life.
Matthew Carroll contributes his story of success to a four word phrase once said by Mr. Lee Hanney, “Train smarter not harder”. This powerful phrase carried over into his educational career and now lucrative business career, teaching him efficiency in everything he does.
Matthew has been into some type of health and fitness since his adolescent years. At the age of eighteen, Matthew had won the Washington State Wrestling title, All-American in Freestyle and Greco Roman, he will forever be in the history books.
Matthew Carroll has dabbled in just about any physical sport from MMA to Bodybuilding. Matthew received a full ride scholarship for academics to attend Eastern Washington University (EWU) where he would get his Bachelor of Science (BS) in Exercise Science.
Matthew has trained hundreds of clients such as; little league wrestlers, MMA fighters, Olympic Judo athletes, collegiate Volleyball, Bikini competitors, Physique competitors, Bodybuilding competitors, Power lifters, Sprinters, geriatrics…just to name a few.

2004 2nd place in Washington State Wrestling Tournament
2004 Ranked 15th in the US for Freestyle Wrestling
2005 1st place in the Washington State Wrestling Tournament
2005 Ranked 5th in the US for both Freestyle and Greco Roman
2006 2nd place in the Washington State Wrestling Tournament
2006 All-American Wrestler at Senior Nationals
2006 Full Academic Scholarship
2011 BS in Exercise Science
2011 NSCA-CPT Certification
2012 Opened first location of Ignite Fitness

NSCA-CPT Certification
BS in Exercises Science from EWU
AED/CPR Certification
First Aid Certification

32 years of experience

About Mark Saunders

Tucson personal trainer, Mark Saunders is a visible inspiration of strength, manifested by his own athletic and career success, and the accomplishments of his training clients.

Mark Saunders contributes most of his success to adhering to what he calls the 5 elements of physical progress.

They are as follows: proper training, proper nutrition, recovery, supplementation and mental focus. There are a few basic principles that abide within these elements that he not only incorporates in his own routine, but also teaches to others.

Mark has written a nutrition book that is responsible for helping many people called Optimal Nutrition.

The following is a list of some of his athletic accomplishments:

2008 NPC Natural Western USA Open Men's Light Heavy Weight FIRST PLACE

2002 NGA Pro Universe 4th Place


2001 NGA Western America Pro-Qualifier OVERALL WINNER