"Matthew is an excellent trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable in health and fitness. He is friendly, supportive, and genuine and helps his clients to incorporate exercise and health into their lifestyle. I have been training with Matthew for over a year. In that time he has helped me focus on increasing my overall strength, agility, physique and alleviated the pain from prior sports injuries. I have enjoyed each and every unique session." -Monica Reckleben


"Cody has been helping me to achieve my goal for a couple of months, with a hip bursitis diagnosis and some other issues, I not only achieved it but learn so much about how my body really works, form and nutrition. I had not experience any pain at all and the 1hr workout routines are INTENSE.
The trainers at Ignite are friendly, they know your name and the clients are very cheerful, all ages and you don't need to look your best to walk in and feel welcome, I love the atmosphere!
It is worth every penny and every minute of my time!" -Norma Varela


"Ignite fitness is a friendly gym. They have great workouts and personal training. I train with Matt and he is awesome." -Fadilia Page


"Trainerize has been a fantastic tool that is allowing me to keep my workouts on track while traveling for several weeks by RV. It is easy to access and use, and the demo videos are incredibly helpful. 
Matt Carroll has been awesome! He is creating workouts that are tailored specifically for me and the equipment that is available from site to site while we travel.
I love that Matt and Trainerize are keeping me on track and I don't have to start all over again in the gym when I get home.
If you travel and don't have access to a gym, this is the tool for you." -Chris Fell

"Matt is an excellent trainer - he trains both my husband and me and he adjusts our work out to fit your needs perfectly. I've never "stuck" to an exercise program until I met Matt - he's inspirational, professional and dedicated to his clients." - Jean Tkachyk


"Matt is a true professional. Matt is always seeking ways to enhance his clients outcomes while keeping client safety at the forefront. Matt is knowledgeable of training requirements for clients of all ages. I have observed Matt training clients ranging in age from teens to mid 70s giving his best to all. I highly recommend Matt Carroll!" -David Motzkin